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On Socrate's footsteps


Socrates drew inspiration from the job of a wise woman, which his mother exercised, to establish his therapeutic method. He decided to deliver minds as his mother delivered children.


He founded Maieutics (from Maieutikê, meaning "art of delivery" in Greek) and defined himself as the one who gives birth to the human spirit.



« The obstetrician brings, transmits nothing in the soul which he awakens. He leaves it bare in front of itself. » Socrates was questioning with sharp precision, here is his art, grandiose, unassuming and liberating.
So, the being who was questioned could, by looking in himself, find his own answers, he took them out from himself and so became the artisan of his own realisation.

We will

____ Assess and reflect on your current situation 


____ Create the perspective on what is now and what is next step to reach your aim

____ Find new options via different challenging exercises 


____ Open to your dreams, widen your perspectives and learn more about yourself

____ Deal with the reality of your current situation

____ You benefit from Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP) approaches and exercises

____ Be ready to potentially step outside of your comfort zone, in a safe way


“ Really Pia, you touched my soul, mind and universe . Your input is great and super awesome . I’m blown away. U are connecting me to my inner core. Ur such a great help. “

Dr Khaleel ISA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist / MHPSS Consultant

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