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Terms and condition for therapy and for General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018


Privacy and Data protection policy for Pia Granjon, psychtherapy services owned by
Pia / Marie Pierre Granjon


1.  General Data Protection Regulation act 2018- GDPR
This policy outlines Pia Granjon ‘
s procedures for collecting, storing and processing personal data in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 (GDPR).
‘personal data’ are data which relates to a living individual who can be identified from the data or from other information from that data.

Pia Granjon
recognises that the lawful and correct treatment of personal information is fundamental to our work. We therefore strive to ensure that our organisation treats personal information lawfully and correctly.

1.1 This policy covers all the principles under the GDPR. These are known as the ‘data protection principles’ and ensure information is: 

  • used fairly and lawfully

  • used for limited, specifically stated purposes

  • used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive

  • accurate and up to date

  • processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights

  • kept for no longer that is necessary

  • kept safe and secure

  • not transferred outside the European Union (EU) without adequate protection

1.2 Contact details of the person responsible for taking the lead on compliance and also responsible for personal data, information on procedures dealing with both internal and external access requests and how the information collected is used.

Pia  Granjon - Legal name: Marie-Pierre Granjon

+44 (0)7 535 435 131

All the conditions below target any patient Pia Granjon is working with, adults and minors. There are specific conditions added for minors, see in paragraph 2.

1.3 Privacy
Informational privacy – the ability of a person to control, edit, manage and delete information about them and to decide how and to what extent such information is communicated to others.

1.4 Gaining your consent
When you use the services of Pia Granjon, you will be told how the information you provide will be used, stored and destroyed. You will be signing a contract to agree on Pia Granjon’s terms & conditions. Contract sent via email prior to our first contacy or given to you at first session, depending on your preference.

Your information will never be shared without your consent, except under the following circumstances: 

  • In order to protect a child, vulnerable adult, yourself or the public from harm or abuse

  • If Pia Granjon is legally compelled by a court or law


1.5 Pia Granjon needs to request and store your details in order to administer and deliver the service you have requested, and to comply with any legal or professional body responsibilities that ensue in the delivering of that service.
All your personal data - surnames & first names - are encoded

1.6 Pia Granjon uses the information
to make contact with you, to record the relevant personal contact details you give consent for Pia Granjon to hold, to record emergency contact information, where applicable to make clinical assessments & record clinical notes and to proceed with Pia Granjon services.
* Data are as given by you and any update must come from you.


1.7 Protection of your personal data
* Website sign-up contact forms Pia Granjon receives are deleted from my email systems once contact with you is made.
* Client notes showing date, and a brief outline of session content are recorded in a hand-written paper file format.
Pia Granjon has an annymous code system for your name & contact details; this system is stored in a separate folder and locked, so your personal data are never seen with your personal data.

* Only the code is used for all external use: tax declaration, supervision, bank transfer payment.
* if you have chosen to ‘like’ of ‘follow’ Pia Granjon on a social media page, Pia Granjon does not hold data about that outside of that social media setting.
* Pia Granjon does not use any recording material
* Pia Granjon keeps your file during the recommended time requested by the professional insurance and shredded after.

1.8 Your right to access your data
The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

The right to be informed
The right of access to your file kept by WBB
The right to rectification
The right to erasure
The right to restrict processing
The right to data portability
The right to object
Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

More information here:

1.9 Breaches of the GDPR
Breaches will be notified to the data subject and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) when required, in line with ICO guidance.

2. Specific information for minors (under 18)
2.1 children aged 13 or over
¤ will be asked to give their own consent
¤ Have the same right as the adult regarding the access of their personal data, therapeutic file and the same right about asking the deletion of their file.
* Your record will be kept until your 25th birthday (Section B8 of the CNCH code – WBB is a member of CNCH (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council)

2.2 children under the age of 13
¤ Written parental consent will be asked prior to the therapy

3. Lawful basis for Pia Granjon is a contract
3.1 data retention is a contract necessary for the delivery of Pia Granjon's services
3.2 the category of the personal data is patient session notes


4. Pia Granjon services main terms and conditions

4.1 Sessions length
Each hypnotherapy or coaching session vary between 50 and 60 minutes

4.2 Fees
Additional fees may be requested if a session is provided at your home.
Fees are alligned to local rates when WBB's services are offered outside of Europe
Current fees are as per the website and subject to change.

4.3 Payment
is accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer (details provided by Pia Granjon)
Invoice provided on request.
Payment is made in advance to secure the session.

4.4 Behaviour
4.4.1 Pia Granjon will treat you with the utmost respect of your person and all that you agree to share – see above section related to GDPR Act 2018
In turn you are treating Pia Granjon therapist with the same respect
4.4.2 When using Pia Granjon services, you agree to Attend the session on time No to be under the influence of alcohol or drug, except those prescribed by the doctor you are under the care of Pia Granjon reserves the right to not start or terminate a session if one of those conditions is not respected

4.5 Punctuality
In case of late arrival or anticipated late arrival for the session, please leave a message on +44(0)7 535 435 131. Pia Granjon will try to organise a full session, though it may be impossible and in that case, the ending time will remain that of what originally scheduled.

4.6 Pia Granjon contacts you
4.6.1 Your preferred contact details taken during the first session are those which will be used
4.6.2 you are responsible for updating your contact details with Pia Granjon
4.6.3 In case Pia Granjon contacts you and for confidentiality, only the first name of the therapist will be left on a message

4.7 Therapy duration
4.7.1 The duration of your therapy will depends on many factors and it is not possible to be certain of all of their impacts. A guide of duration will be shared with you during the first session though it might be modified during the course of the therapy.
4.8 Pia Granjon adheres to the code of conduct as stated by the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy
4.9 Cancellation
4.9.1 You have the right to cancel your session over the phone, by email or text. The refund will be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer within 5 working days of the day of your request
4.9.2  Pia Granjon requires 24 hours’ notice minimum to cancel a session or full payment will be due.
4.9.3 A session booked less than 24 hours in advance won’t be cancelled or refund
4.9.4 If Pia Granjon must cancel the session, as much notice as possible will be given. If it is less than 24 hours, you will be fully refunded of your session fee within 5 working days if you prefer not to reschedule.
4.10 OnLine therapy

- We will be working using Zoom that you can download for free:
Please test it before so we are sure the video and the sound work properly.
- I will need, in case the internet connection breaks for a long time :
* The confirmation of your mobile number / your landline 
* the telephone number of someone you trust who is not geographically far from you and knows they might be contacted by me
Their contact details will be secured, like your own personal data, following the GDPR Act 2018.
- Prior to our session, I will be sending you your zoom meeting link via your email address.
you just need to click on


Updated: November 2023

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