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Continuous Professional Development

White Washed Wood


- 35th int. conference - Trauma Research Foundation, Boston 

- 'Altruism - the science and psychology of kindness' Matthieu Ricard


- 'Dissociation made simple, a stigma-free guide to embracing your dissociative mind and nagigating daily life'    Dr. Jamie Marich

- Monthly / bi monthly supervisions - individual and in group

- Treating Complex Trauma with the Internal Family System [IFS]Richard Schwartz, Frank Anderson, Martha Sweezy

- 'The concise guide to the assessment and treatment of trauma-related dissociation' Bethany L. Brand

Brown Paper


- Monthly / bi monthly supervisions

- Can we talk about trauma ?
Michael Niconchu
k, Ruth Lanius, Wendy D'Andrea, Stevan Weine, Brandon Kohrt, Mary Bunn,
Noah Tucker,  


- Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma, Pat Ogden 

- Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Levels I & II
Complex trauma certification 
Dr. Janina Fisher

- Certificate Programme in Advanced Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation
Dr. Ruth Lanius and today's leading trauma innovators

- Workshop, London, UK - Janina Fisher
Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors:
Transformational Approaches to Treating Complex Trauma

- Trauma Research Foundation's Group
Supervision and Consultation Program, led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
April 2023 - June 2023

Crumpled Brown Paper


- Monthly / bi monthly supervisions

- The Developing Mind: Building trust, growth & resilience together, February 2022
  Peter Fonagy + Q&A, Dan Siegel + Q&A, Anousha Kahn + Q&A, Roslyn Law
+ Q&A Anthea Benjamin: Working outside the consultation room

- IFS fortnightly exchange practice with a colleague

- Joining the monthly meetings of the  Complex Trauma Training and Treatment Affiliates Network
Group supervision - presenting and discussing anonymous situations

Gradient Background

2020 - 2021

- Monthly / bi monthly supervisions

- Trauma Research Foundation Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies - 8 months programme - Bessel Van der
Kolk et al.

- Gabor Maté Compassionate Inquiry Master Class: A powerful approach for healing anxiety, addictions, ADHD, and more, December 2021

- Trauma Conference: The Body Keeps the Score-Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Pesi,       December 2021

- IFS Skills and Supervision Group, Pesi, Oct. 2021

- Internal Family Systems (IFS) and health issues: changing the course of health ailments and disease, Pesi, Sept. 2021,

- The Trauma Treatment Blueprint: Neuroscience-Based Treatment Interventions for Complex Trauma Clients (CCTP/CCTP-II) , Pesi, July 2021

- Polyvagal theory - Practice and personal supervision -  Deb Dana

- Polyvagal Skills and Supervision Group, 6 months, Deb Dana, September 2021, Pesi

- IFS Online Circle: Foundations of the IFS Model, Pesi, September 2021

- The Clinician's Suicide Prevention Summit: Treatment Strategies to Inspire Hope and Save Lives, Pesi,   August 2021

- LGBTQ Clients: Clinical Issues and Treatment Strategies for Youth and Adults, Pesi, July 2021

- Attachment-Focused EMDR for complex PTSD, childhood ongoing traumas ... Laural Parnell, PESI,
  June 2021

- Mental Health Awareness Summit: Individual and community recovery - healing trauma, grief and loss as a result of the pandemic, June 2021

- Journées Internationales de Neuropsychologie; Lobes frontaux et fonctions exécutives - Université de
Angers, 23-25/06/2021

- 32d Boston conference, Trauma Research Foundation, 26-29/05/2021

- Trauma Research Foundation Tuesdays, Michael Lee, Yoga therapy, 8 Tuesdays April, May, June 2021

- Still face, mirror neuros, ISC International, 19-21/03/2021

- Individual and Community Recovery - Trauma, grief, loss in the aftermath of the pandemic, PESI

- Mindfulness and Pain, Jon Kabat Zinn, Soundstrue, 2021

- How to work with a traumatic Brain, NICABM, 2021

- Mental Health Awareness Summit: Individual and community recovery - healing trauma, grief and loss as a result of the pandemic, 2 days - April 2021

- Neurobiology of Trauma, NICABM, Nov 2020
B Van der Kolk, P Levine, R Lanius, D Siegel, S Porges, P Ogden, 

- Women, Trauma and Mental Health Conference, PESI, UK -Nov 2020
Jutra Samuel, Pat Ogden, Kathy Steele, Janina Fisher, Judith Lewis Herman, Cathy Malchiadi, Arielle Schwartz, Linda Graham, Babette Rotschild, 

- Comment la méditation peut changer le monde - Les Arènes du savoir 
How can meditation change the world
J Kabat Zinn, C André, M Ricard

-  Trauma skills Summit - 10 days
   Incl Peter Levine on Trauma and addiction
Daniel J Siegel on The Wheel of Awareness: A Trauma Recovery Tool for Well-Being

- 31st International trauma Conference - 3 days - Van de Kolk; Porges et al.
  Traumas and NeuroSciences

- Working with EMDR Online - nscience

- Internal Family System - R Schwartz & M Sweezy

- EMDR online - Peer group

- Psychothérapie des Etats Dissociatifs - M Phillips & C Frederick

- Integrative Hypnosis for kids and teens - M Tiers and K Woods

- Ego State Therapy - G Emmerson

- Reframing Hypnotherapy; R Mongard

- The wisdom of menopause; christiane Northrup

- Beliefs; R. Dilts, T Hallbom, S Smith

- Vagina; N Wolf

Concrete Texture

2019 - 2020

- Monthly / bi monthly supervisions

- How to work with a traumatised brain - Bessel Van Der Kolk

- Neuro-biological response to EMDR therapy in clients with different psychological traumas - Marco Pagani

- Why the vagal system holds the key to the treatment of trauma - Stephen Porges

- The woman code - Alisa Vitti

- The polyvagal theory can revolutionize your work with trauma - Porges

- Guided parents led CBT for child anxiety - AnxietyUK

Gold Mosiac

Journées Emergence, 2018 & 2019
Pleine conscience - Se changer, changer le monde
2 jours de conférences

Crumpled Brown Paper

Mark Solms Conference, 2018

University of Essex
Is neurocience saving or destroying psychoanalysis ?

What is the unconscious, and where is it located in the brain ?

The conscious Id

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