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Co Regulation Dyad programme

Inspired by the Resource Project, work of Tania Singer

+44(0)7 535 435 131

Why the Co Regulation Dyad programme ?

Learning self-empathy allows individuals to develop empathy for others
You will learn to recognise healthy empathy response and transform it into a compassionate one
The work, permits each person
to express what they want and need,
without being interrupted,
without having to answer 
to get to experience that their feelings, their words are not only heard but also actively   
   listened to 
   All within a time frame.

Both individuals must be willing to participate.

Who can benefit ?

This programme is for adults, young adults or teens - teens in a personal or professional setting , who
Experience difficulties in their mutual relationship or
Need to share a difficult topic in their personal life and find it difficult or even impossible to do so
Couples, to be married couples, friends,
parent-child, co-workers ... any pair that wishes to improve their communication.

How does this work ?

The programme is divided in 4 phases over 3 months, all given in a safe and calm environment
Each phase can be followed by a debriefing with the therapist if needed,
There is a commitment to a weekly meeting for this
 connection and natural emotional co-regulation 
Hypnosis consolidation is given at each session if both parties agree
Mindfulness exercises targetting empathy are part of this programme


All parties receive a training on active listening, body language and non-violent communication

My intention is to develop this programme with people who do not know each other. 
Research study show that a feeling of connectedness and shared humanity grows from week to week, as well as trust.

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