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Professionals say about Pia

• " Pia and I have collaborated in creating and conducting support and reflection groups for expatriates in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
Our two different backgrounds and experiences quickly appeared to be complementary and this joint work extremely rich and fruitful.
Pia has showed since day one a tremendous energy and solid self-reflective abilities, in a constant effort to question her practice, share, exchange and grow professionally.
Her optimism and pro-active mind had made this whole experience genuinely positive.
Since then, we've kept close contact, regardless of the different paths we took, both eager to give and receive feedback and inputs regarding our practice.
Pia is definitely among the great professionals who are able to evolve throughout the difficult field of clinical practice thanks to solid analytical, communication and self-reflective skills.
I'd collaborate with her again on new projects with great pleasure! “


Laurianne Pfeffer, Clinical psychologist, MHPSS-GBV expert - World Health Organisation

"Pia is an extremely competent and able therapist who undertakes regular
professional development and clinical supervision.
She is empathic and is sensitive to her client’s needs. She works well with the medical profession in a pluralistic and integrative way.
I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend her as a therapist.

Peter Mabbutt

Head of Academics

President of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Fellow of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists"

• “On top of being a great professional, Pia is very warm and very passionate about everything she does. Recommend 100%.”


Vera Cintia Ferreira. Founder of the Instituto Português de Hipnose

• “I have been working with Pia, and I really appreciate the way she works.
It has been insightful and helpful. Pia is both kind and empathic.
Thank you Pia.”

Emma Wright, Hypnotherapist

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