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Experimenting troubles around sleep on a regular basis
                                               may mean you have a sleeping disorder

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Because you need to understand your sleep cycle, we will

* Check on the onset of your sleep difficulties
                 the quantity and quality of your sleep 

* Talk about the different sleep phases
                 the DOs and the DON'Ts that facilitate efficient sleep 

* You can have a deeper and more precise assessment by contacting a sleep

More with

"I am so grateful; I now have full solid nights so I can function normally again, despite the medication I have which secondary effects affect the sleeping pattern."

X. Sleep management, Student

_____ What is the issue ?
         Difficulties to fall asleep or waking up during the night or waking up early in the morning ?

_____ Dos and Don'ts of your life style matter


_____ Age is a factor
         Hormonal cycles, pregnancy, menopause: pre - , peri - or post -

_____ Environment
         Psychological: life events, home & work creating worries, stress or traumas

_____ Medication
         side effects

Sleeping is a mammalian need
Sleep depravation can lead to
A loss of concentration
A loss of mind clarity
Inhability to function normally
Modified behabiour and cognition, potentiall becoming violent

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