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Weight Management - Eating Disorder
2 very different issues

What are we talking about ?

_____ A few Kgs to lose - We will take time to understand

* Your pattern and habits around gaining weight

* Your personal history as there may be a link with the relationship you
   built with food ~ Your Frenemy / Your Protection

* I will ask you to, over 2 weeks, put down what you are eating plus       one or two parameters that are essential to consider

* Your age, physical activity, general health are taken into account

* There is a long term balance to be working towards to

_____ Obesity
           Is a physiological and mental state that increases the risk of develpping other medical
            issues like blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers.

         Causes can be found in epi/genetics, diet, exercise

         Even a small weihgt loss positively impacts the general health


_____ Eating Disorders 

* The individual has an extreme focus and a distorted perception of their bodily
   image and bodily functioning

* Consequences on physical and mental health as well as on the daily life: work,
   study, relationship

* Notions of Control, Shame, Guilt are frequently present with these mental

* The bodily functioning can be severely altered

    The most common Eating Disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Binge-eating


Working with Anorexia or Bulimia implies working with your GP / Consultant

I am not trained to offer diet advice.

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