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Those testimonies are important for you to know that anyone can need support at times.


Our last session (...) was particularly powerful and acknowledging the light as well as the dark (while also being wise to remember the darkness is ever present) has helped me hugely. 

I have had vivid dreams but they are no longer nightmares but nor are they a longing. I’m much less scared but no less wise for it. 

Also the way you accepted my behaviour without judgment was huge in allowing myself to do the same. Realising it was a hiccup and part of the process or cycle has been so helpful and I forgave myself so quickly in comparison to how I would normally have been feeling. 

You are amazing at what you do. So clever and so brilliant, I’m enormously grateful to be working with you. 

Another step towards freedom! 
Years of Abusive and Manipulative Relationship - Oct. 2020

Hello Pia, I am writing an essay on Freud, could I use your experience as a reference ?
Previous client now at University 

My project at uni ended up being about the state between consciousness and unconsciousness... It has changed a lot! Previous client now at University 

X has gone back to school happily this term. Manic behaviour has lowered. X s so much more relaxed about school. It is such a positive change. 
Young teenager - OCD 

Hi Pia,

Thank you so much! X is so excited to speak to someone with same interests!
Mother of 17 years old 
Ongoing Childhood Traumas 

When I heard you talking at that conference, it clicked. Your presence is clear.
Oct. 2020

I am so grateful
Young Adult - Sleep issues 

Hi Pia, I just want to thank you for everything. I think I would be in a very different place if I was not working with you on my issues. Your interpretation and knowledge has been really enlightening  and valuable.
Thank you for all your help. I really got so much out of having sessions with you.
General anxiety & Relationships issues

Feeling much better now !
Anxiety at work - Adult 

I want you to know that you have helped me immensely and I am able to overcome obstacles that used to hold me back and frighten me. Thank you Pia, I will never forget what you taught me.' 
Young Adult - Decades of Bullying, suicidal ideation, high anxiety - Ongoing Traumas


Really Pia, you touched my soul, mind and universe . Your input is great and super awesome . I’m blown away. U are connecting me to my inner core. Ur such a great help. “
Licensed Clinical Psychologist / MHPSS Consultant

"I have been in therapy with Pia for 5-6 sessions. Throughout the years and the vicissitudes I have talked to a few therapists, and I can say Pia's intervention's been the most successful to obtain a permanent change. From our first conversations she realized that I tend to be very logical , so she used some techniques to help me spotting, reaching and releasing unexpressed feelings I brought with me from childhood that were affecting my choices today.

Pia creates a no-judgment environment and puts you in the position of expressing yourself freely. She is an experienced practitioner that masters several techniques and is ready to use the ones she thinks are most suitable or the client has more affinity with, or a mix of them. We had sessions where we started with EMDR and then switched to EFT, to end with hypnotherapy (it left me completely drained of energy but it was so helpful ). 

I had a great experience with her and I can warmly recommend her service. "
Stef. - Childhood difficult emotions - 2021


The pod cast was wonderful. Thank you so much.

Podcast is great, thank you

Excellent !

Big thank you !


 I've loved every minute of it

Highly recommend Pia she is brilliant and her hypno-relaxation class is the best for someone who is workaholic like me it really helped me relax and focus. Thank you Pia. 

Attended a hypno-relaxation group last week and have definitely felt the benefit... my sleep the following two or three nights was of much better quality than it has been for some time! Thank you. 

Thank you for last night, I really enjoyed it and slept much deeper

Thank you for the session. It was very effective and I definitively experienced some calmness after.

Amazing class. Many many thanks.

Really helped me with my sleep.

Helped me with managing an invasive procedure at the hospital as I did not need an anaesthesia

Two ladies had strong testimonies about the relationship with their child that shifted after attending the classes:

Change in the anger one usually feels and throwing aggressively at her child. She experienced more calm in her thoughts and behaviours and felt her child was back, being nice and loving as a response.

Change in inner thoughts for another lady, feeling much more calm and less disturbed by sometimes provocative behaviours of her child.

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