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Therapy Room in Surrey, UK

Wellness Beyond Borders

We will be considering cultures & sub-cultures from
. Country/countries of origin & host-countries,
. Family
. Religion and Sprirituality
. Racial background
. Gender      

Specialised in Trauma,
                    Complex trauma and all their symptoms
                    Personality disorders,
                    Dissociation . . . 

Trained mainly with the Traumatic Research Fundation created by Bessel Van Der Kolk in Boston
. Neuroscience applied to psycho-therapy
. Somatic approach


Project leader and Supervisor of the team of therapistsfor working with refugees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
in support of the work of the charity Greater Action

Considering decades of research on Trauma, complex trauma, ongoing trauma from the leaders in neuroscience
Their findings on the brain activity, our neurology and the co regulation with our emotions, behaviours, and cognitions
The new development in the field of psychotherapy unfolding from this

What is developing / keeps developing in the field

We now know that psychology does not explain everything by itself.

Our biology, psychology, neurology are co dependent and vary with our environments;
they impact our thoughts and behaviours which in turn, impact them back.
We need to take all in consideration on a healing journey.

Working as an Integrative Therapist; 

The most important is to listen to you and Be With You; that is what I call an Active and Compassionate Presence.

I give an important focus to the body in my work: all the different messages that it offers you as well as validating the fact that it needs to physically move: Emotions need motion
Your body can process any unprocessed emotions
This is following the latest research in Neuroscience

Adequate Common Sense and Humour are real Ingredients in my work.

My previous professional roles, that you can read below, give me a diverse experience and expertise on techniques, approaches, grids of analysis and specific populations or symptoms.

As individuals, we all live with our beliefs built along our life; we are colored with what I call our borders, which are our different referential systems: cultures, sub-cultures ...

In my work, I may use my trainings as
a Clinical Hypnotherapist and my Salad Bowl Theory,
or chose EMDR, ACT, EFT, Ego State Therapy, Wholefulness = Mindfulness & Bodyfulness, NLP
or one of I acquired in my previous professions.
The idea is that there is a rationale in the choice and a fluidity to adapt to whatever might appear for you.


Before becoming a psychotherapist, I have been working
as a social worker in France and
as a life Coach in France and in Brazil

My university qualification in Social Anthropology / Sociology is a real asset for a larger understanding of one specific situation

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